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We can connect your brand to the correct audience to build your brand awareness, increase sales and drive website traffic. Be a leader in your industry and let us help you in growing your business online in using social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, TikTok, Twitter and more.

how social media marketing in Malaysia works

How Our Social Media Marketing Works?

If you are struggling to create engaging social media content and reaching your target audience, you are not alone.

Our Social Media Marketing Service can be the solution for you.

We have a team of social media marketer experts that can help you plan and organize your social media account activities.

  • We will research on which social media works best for your business.
  • We will organize the correct content type (text, images, video) according to your audience liking.
  • We will plan the perfect strategy to improve your social media activities and interactions with your audience.
  • We will set up the most affordable social media advertising budget for you and still be able to help your business grow.
  • We will discover the right opportunities for your business and utilize them well.
  • We will update you with reports and real-time data to make better decisions for your future marketing plans and objectives.

Our Social Media Marketing Services in Malaysia


We can help to setup a new business account for your business or managing existing ones.



Strategy planning

Competitor analysis will be done to build unique strategies in importance of your business growth.




Take full advantage of social media marketing by boosting your social media post with ads advertising to reach new and existing customers.

Creative designs

Our designers will create attractive design that can send clear messages to your audience and increase your brand visibility.


With our professional copywriters, we can create meaningful and high engagement content to engage your audience to take action.

Scheduled posting

Timing is important in social media posting. We plan and schedule your posts according to your audience highest engagement time.


Reporting & communication

Progress will be tracked and monitor closely and we are always happy to work together with your team to improvise our strategy.

Why Choose Us As Your Social Media Marketing Partner in Malaysia?

Affordable Marketing Costs

To run a successful social media marketing campaign, you will need different experts with their own specialty such as content writer, ads manager, designer, video editor and marketer. But fret not, as we will come up with an affordable social media campaign packages pricing to suit your business needs.

Engage potential and existing customers

Social media advertising is most fastest and effective way to engage your target audience and boost your marketing campaigns. We are able to use existing social media data and personalized custom content to each different category of audience to increase engagement.


Build Brand Awareness

Purpose of social media marketing is creating good brand awareness to your audience. Each post is strategically planned in order bring the best out of your brand's voice and create trustworthiness to your audience.




Competitor analysis and page optimization

Keep your enemy close they say. We will monitor your top competitors and identify their social media activities in order to plan a better social media campaign for you to compete with your competitors.



On-Time Posting Schedule

In order for the posting to be on schedule, all the posts content and artwork will be sent to your team for approval in advance for approval in order for both sides to come to an understanding and agreement of what we going to put out to your audience.


Growth a community of loyal customers

With good branding awareness, it comes with many loyal customers. If your social media content is aligned with your audience liking, we truly believe your brand will be able to grow out a community of loyal customers and have high chances of recurring purchases from them.

Social Media Marketing
Frequently Ask Questions (FAQs)

What is Social Media Marketing (SMM)?

The term Social Media Marketing (SMM) is the process of using social media platforms to market a company’s products and services.

Social media marketing can build brand awareness, increase sales and drive website traffic by creating custom tailored content to drive engagement and promoting your business.

It allows the business to engage with their existing customers and reach new ones while allowing them to increase their brand visibiliy in social media.

The major social media platforms in Malaysia at the moment are Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, Douyin, WhatsApp, Pinterest, LinkedIn and many others worth noticing.

Is Social Media Marketing different from digital marketing?

Digital Marketing is a general marketing term that includes different marketing activities like Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Paid Advertising, Content Marketing, Email, and Social Media Marketing is also part of it.

How Social Media Marketing works?

In order to ensure your social media marketing campaign is successful, we have to go through a set of procedures and steps in order to align with your social media objectives and goals.

  1. Your social media page has to be set up and optimize accordingly like business name, address, contact number, company details, logos and images. Basic details is needed to build a good foundation.

  2. Research need to be made on your top competitors social media activities. You need to know what type of content is creating high engagement with their audience. Is it a post, infographics or video content?

  3. Next step is to have a content writer and designer to craft the perfect copywriting and infographics that attract high engagements with your audience.

  4. With the data collected from your postings, you can use the existing analytics data and run social media ads to increase your brand visibility by creating custom content for existing and new customers across social media. Of course, with higher advertising budget, you can reach wider range of audience and have your ads appearing for longer period.

  5. By consistent posting in social media and make use of the data insights from each social media platform, you can grasp what kind of content your audience prefers and which time of the day will create high engagement with your audience.
Why social media is important for business marketing?

Many businesses have their own social media account but not all of them know how to make use of it. There are missing many opportunities without realizing how much more their business will grow if only they know how to utilize each social media features.

First and foremost, a good social media page will leads to many opportunities and many potential new customers additional to your offline customers.

Secondly, as you have more engagement in social media activities, your business brand will eventually grow online.

Interact with your customers by replying the questions and feedbacks in your social media profile to let them know your business cares about the people's opinion.

You will start to feel easier in selling your products in social media where your leads are growing into a community of loyal customers.

Last but not least, you will always stay on top on what is trending and ahead of your competitors. Your business should always be one step ahead on the game ahead of your competitors.

What are the benefits of Social Media Marketing in 2022?
  1. Cost Effective
    • You can sign up for a social media business account at no cost on most social media platform. It's free and easy to setup. If you plan to use more additional features like paid campaigns, you can always start with a small budget spend more as you go when the results get better.

  2. Increase Brand Awareness & Trust
    • Social media is a good marketing channel to reach out to even more audience compare to just having a website. With social media, you can reach out to your audience and increase their trust towards your brand and bring extra traffics to your website.

  3. Online Exposure
    • You will be surprise with the amount of exposure your business will receive when you take your business marketing online with the correct social media platform. There are plenty of benefits in doing so due to majority percentages of people around the world spend at least 1-2 hours a day on social media.
What are the different types of social media?

Social media comes in different type. Understanding each type, and which social media platform your audience prefer will define how you plan the perfect strategy to grow your business brand online.

  1. Social Networking Sites
    • One of the most common social media type. Well know social networking sites are like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn where you can connect, read, share each other's content. You can have network of friends and keep in touch with them and can even form a community to share interesting news and update among each other. Basically any type of content can be shared in social networking sites for example post, images and video content.

  2. Image Sharing Sites
    • Instagram is a hugely popular image sharing social media platform. Other well known social media of this type is Snapchat. Businesses, big organizations, influencers, celebrities, you name it. You can post an image or a short video content called reel to let people know what you are up to. Viral or useful contents will usually be commented and shared by people on their profile or even to other social media platforms. Imagine the audience reach you can get through image sharing social media.

  3. Video Sharing Sites
    • Who doesn't watch video online nowadays. YouTube is the biggest video sharing social media in the world. The numbers of new daily videos being uploaded is staggering. Video content is so popular as they can tell a story, documentary, highlights, introduction and many other kind. You can create a series of the videos like guides and chapters to provide useful information to your audience. Video sometimes tell a better story and make your customers understand the message you are trying to pass to them.

Other social media types are such as discussion forums, review networks, blogging and publishing networks, and shopping networks. There are so many different types of social media out there to look for opportunity to grow your brand. Each industry is different and requires different marketing approach.

What is the most popular social media platform in Malaysia?

Based on data provided by DataPortal, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram among the top 3 social media platform in Malaysia. To know more about the users age, device, platform and other interesting digital data about Malaysian online users, you can read it on the link below.

Which social media is best for marketing and advertising?

Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, LinkedIn, Twitter has the most users and the best place to reach your potential customers.
But again, a thorough research is needed to ensure you are reaching the correct customers at the correct platform. For example, you can never sell your service or products better at LinkedIn or Twitter compare to Instagram, Facebook or shopping social networks as these platforms have more chances of converting sales.

What are the top 10 social media marketing strategies?
  1. Chatbots
    • Chatbots can help you to interact with your customers and ask pre-follow up questions. By giving them options on their enquiry, you can give them different answers and have better idea of what your customers are looking for.

  2. Video and Live Streaming
    • Social media such as Instagram and Facebook has LIVE video features that can help your business interacts with customers in real-time. You can do a Q&A or even a product introduction. A video content would also do well to encourage sharing.

  3. Educate
    • Teach! Not all customers know what they are looking for. By educating, you can increase their trust and your brand growth. It will be easier to have sale conversions when your audience trusts your brand.

  4. Content Marketing Strategy
    • Trial and error with different types of content to see what works best. Is it just video content or mixture with infographics and text that works best? Understand the data and feedback and stick to it.

  5. Influencer Marketing
    • Approach an influencer that you think will highly increase your sales. Give them a trial of your services or products and if it's good, they will let their followers know about it which will bring your business many more sales. Find influencers that are related to your product because they will have related audiences to your services/products.

  6. Take Advantage of Customer Loyalty
    • Having promotion on your services and products increases the retention of existing customers and turn them into your loyal customers.

  7. Advertising Budget
    • Put aside a budget for advertising campaign to boost your content especially during a promotion or seasonal campaign that your business is having to increase the awareness.

  8. Cross-channel Promotion
    • If you have multiple social media business account, you can schedule posting on each of platform whenever your business has new updates or you can interlink between them so that your followers know your business have other social media accounts that they can follow you on.

  9. Communicate
    • Interact and reply to your customers comments and feedbacks in social media. It means something to them when the business are paying attention to them.

  10. Be You
    • Do not attempt cheat or trick your customers. Be honest and your customers will appreciate that.
How should companies measure their social media marketing success?
  1. Audience Growth
    • Increase of followers progressively means your social media marketing campaign is in the correct direction.

  2. Engagement
    • Your social media posting have increase in number of likes, comments, clicks and shares.

  3. Awareness
    • A simple measurement of how many impressions(how many times your post shows up in someone's feed) your post get and the potential reach(potential unique views audience your post can get).

  4. Mentions
    • Be on the lookout in social media network, community/forums network sites and other potential social media to see if your brand is being mention or being discussed. If you have an account on those platforms, you might want to reply to them to let them know how much you appreciate their feedback.

  5. ROI
    • Increase in sales conversions is one of the biggest reason why business do social media marketing campaign. If you are spending time and money on social media without getting sales in return, you may be looking in the wrong place and may need to change to a better strategy.
Can I delete bad comments or reviews on Social Media?

A simple answer would be NO.

We should appreciate bad comments as to the good ones.

Because bad comments could tell us if our services or products is meeting their expectations. We can take this opportunity to thank them for their feedback and review it with our team and see if any further improvement can be made.

How much should I be spending on Social Media Marketing?

We advice to start small if you are just starting on social media marketing. Once you get used to it and know how everything works, you will get better results by fine tuning your strategy and will then be able to properly allocate higher budget on social media marketing.

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